The Goal Setter Planner

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Are you tired of not achieving your goals?

Quarterly goals are the perfect solution to all of those problems. They allow us to prioritize by season and reset our focus every three months based on seasons. The Goal Setter Planner will enable us to stay focused and achieve our goal in a short-term mentality.

You can start prioritizing by season if we start shifting from yearly goals and break them down into quarterly ones (3 months).

Then, we can prioritize each quarter based on seasons! Then, we'll be able to keep track of what's most important for that time period so that nothing is left out or forgotten about. It will also help with staying accountable because it's only three months!

The Goal Setter Planner size is 8.5 x 11 inches and includes:

  • 1 cover sheet
  • 4 quarterly sheets
  • 1 monthly sheet
  • 1 weekly sheet
  • 1 daily sheet

This is a digital product. 

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